[Review Paper] Antibiotics - A Boon Or Tragedy For Type 1 Diabetes?


Abstract: Type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM), an autoimmune disease, leads to obliteration of
pancreatic β-cells, and hence causes insufficient production of insulin. With many other etiological factors, antibiotic use and gut microbiota have a significant role to play in its development. The gut microbiota interacts with the cells involved in innate immunity and has a significant role in determining the immune system. Several factors such as mode of birth, infections, diet, and medication including antibiotics influence the microbiota composition. Alterations and manipulation of microbiota in animal models have been shown to affect the onset and incidence of diseases having multifactorial etiology, like T1DM. Hence, the microbiota is an integral part that influences the innate immune cells and this microbiota is influenced by the use of antibiotics. This review discusses the studies in relation to microbiota and antibiotic use with reference to T1DM.

Journal: Pharmaceutical Resonance 

Keywords: Type 1 diabetes mellitus; Antibiotics; Microbiota; Innate immunity

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